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Industrial Filtration: The Many Different Designs and Uses Available

Industrial filtration systems refer to a wide range of topics and products coring a number of different industries. The uses are many and for whatever filtration needs you may have there are many solutions. What follows are several different industrial filtration systems.

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters are a type of two-part filter. They are made of an outer casing and a removable internal filter element. These devices are often used in water treatment but there exist versions that can be used on oil and gas based substances. Water based systems can be as simplistic as a single faucet to entire large tank systems with thousands of gallons being circulated.

When used in industrial filtration systems they help in industries that work with hydrocarbon based liquid chemicals. The construction of cartridge filters does depend on use. Water filtering cartridges tend to be made out of high-end plastics while those working with hydrocarbons are made of stainless metals. When used in industrial filtration systems the cartridges are housed in filter housings that resemble a large standing tank.

Bag Filters

Bag filters are systems based on high capacity filter bags. If you choose to use bad filters you have a variety of options. Bag filters can differ in length, degree of filtering, and liquid capacity. Bag filters are also stored in housing units that pump the desired liquid substance through them. These industrial systems can differ in design for their indented use. For bag filter housing units you have single bag types, multi bag types, and duplex types. A single bag type is suitable if you don't have to filter a vast amount of liquid plus they take up less room. A multi bag system is a larger unit with multiple internal bag housings for filtration of greater volumes. Duplex systems are for more unique uses. If your choice of industrial systems involves mixing they can be very useful. These units are separate filtering tanks that are linked together. In this way you can use them to filter in stages or mix substances together.

With bag based industrial filtration systems your choice comes down to the type of bag used. Materials used are commonly cloth such as felt or polyester. The designs can differ a great deal. Single layer bags are often cost efficient and useful in general filtering. For heavier basic filter there are double-bagged options and filters with internal pleating. When it comes to specialized filtering heavier polyester filters are an option. These filters can handle far more corrosive chemical substances and filter out gel like substances. As a general rule the more cohesive and heavy the substance you're trying to remove is the heavier systems in use will be.


These industrial systems are the types that come to mind when you normally think of filtering. These are large metallic tanks that use basket filters for the industrial filtration systems. These strainers high operating standards as it relates to liquid pressure. Most can also handle temperatures well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. When it comes to strainers there are two types for you to consider. Your choice will be based on the amount of use your system will be getting. When it comes to industrial filtration systems not all of them are running constantly. How much filtration you do will be based on industry. In this respect a strainer designed for quick element changes should be purchased if you're filtering a high volume of material at a fast rate. For a slower more deliberate filtration method there are strainers designed for extended use.

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