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Four Jobs You Can Get With a Diploma in Graphic Design

While it's easy to conclude that most degree courses end up in one straight path--like nursing, or education, or engineering, unfortunately (or very fortunately), that is not the way graphic designing in the Philippines go. With an expert knowledge in computer graphic design, you can get into a huge number of industries and businesses and earn a job even at the comforts of your own home.

So to students out there, here's your guide to the vast fields you can explore with a graphic design diploma:

1. Self-Employment

Most professional artists end up being freelancers and entrepreneurs, selling their talents and taking the credits for it. Unlike those who work for a designing firm, they own the copyrights of their work and they get the full earnings for their talents.

But why do most designers take this path? Their skills are in demand locally and abroad, yet they chose to tread alone? Here's the definite answer: artists are artists. They want individual expression without external control. If you can relate, then maybe you should try freelancing at least once. The only downside is that venturing on your own is very risky. You have to get your own clients, you have to sweat the marketing stuff, and you have to learn the art of communication with many kinds of people. Nevertheless, it's an adventure.

2. Marketing

Marketing is for graphic designers who are interested in building brands. If there's anything thrilling about the profession, it's the simple satisfaction of having your work identified with a known product or company.

There's a 'fame' factor to artists who are signed with big brands. You are crowned not just with plain bragging rights, but also with big opportunities. In addition to a bright designing career, some knowledge on marketing is a big asset in any career or business you might want to pursue.

3. Media & Entertainment

If your passion is decoding how animated movies and TV shows are made, then there are no second thoughts on whether you will fit working with the mass media.

Most artists who work for movies and TV shows have a personal bias towards non-commercial types of work. They just want to design for the sole purpose of entertaining people while earning enough to butter their bread. But who could've guessed that it's also a lucrative career?

4. Web

The Web is perceived to be the most promising portal of growth for designers. Why you say, people and businesses are starting to realize that the Internet is already playing an integral role in today's digital age.

Notice how many hours are we spending to surf the Web compared to the past decade? That'll grow, or even double for the next years. If you want endless possibilities for your career, you can never go wrong with online graphic design.

But of course, the first step is actually getting the hang of graphic design in the Philippines. Want to explore these possibilities? Go with us at:

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