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Measuring Instruments: How They Increase Productivity and Help You Avoid Errors

Why You Need Measuring Instruments

In any business there is always going to be a focus on results. To achieve the best results every aspect of your business has to be efficient. Inefficient processes can cost a business time, resources, and money. Every component of the product creation process must be carefully measured to avoid errors. From creation to shipping every step in the process must be accounted for and variables measured. An over looked tool in production efficiency are measuring instruments. If your production is sloppy and inefficient the wasted time and production materials are very costly to your bottom line.

Proper use of measuring instruments makes sure your production process doesn't have any wasted steps. This also increases productivity, decreases waste, and makes a business safer. The following are several measurement tools that could be useful to you. If you're already using them make sure they're working properly. If not consider adding measurement instruments that are relevant to your production supply chain process.


A question you may ask yourself during design is, "Is this thing durable enough?" The accelerometer measures force of movement. It gives you an accurate reading of acceleration as it relates to free falling. Some more advanced models will also detect direction. Now measuring shock and force of movement can be highly useful. If you are in an industry that produces any type of product that has to have a certain degree of toughness this is one of the measuring instruments you'll want to use. This isn't just for vehicles either. Some items such as protective equipment have to be able to take a certain level of force impact. By using an accelerometer you can make sure that the safety equipment you're selling can provide the needed level of protection.

Pulse Encoders

A pulse encoder is a measuring instrument that senses location and speed of certain repetitive linear motions. These measuring instruments are useful in certain devices, for example, material handling machines and cranes. These types of machines have a limited range of motion and often make the same movements over and over again. If a crane or sorting device is off it can cause damage or accidents. A pulse encoder makes sure a device is operating within its design specifications.

Fluid Property Sensors

These measuring instruments measure what you'd expect. They measure the properties of liquid components. By this they could measure, oil, fuel, coolants or lubricants. They measure any property that you'd consider important to know. For example fluid levels, viscosity, and temperature are all mission critical things to know. Like car mechanical devices need the occasional oil change. You don't want the engine of a production device needing repair due to oil burn off. Likewise you don't want perishable stock going bad because the refrigeration unit needed more coolant. With these measuring instruments you keep your downtime low, limit equipment damage, avoid equipment failure and keep production running.


You've probably been in a building of some type that is either too hot or too cold. Temperature measuring instruments help you avoid that by giving you the needed information to avoid abnormalities. There is a marked difference between an overly hot office and an overly hot production factory damaging expensive equipment. Temperature is important and certain equipment needs a certain range to work properly. Too hot or too cold and efficiency of production goes down and damage might occur. You should always have temperature measurements available to you, so if cooling or heating repair is needed you'll know. There is a wide range of measuring instruments for temperature so make sure to find one proper to your industry.

The article is written by Patrick Perry, as a specialist in Business articles. For more information, Embedded Sensors is the trusted experts with embedded sensors.

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